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Why De León Should Resign

Why De León Should Resign

Letters to the Editor: Why I am telling my neighbors that Kevin de León must resign from the State Senate

I recently read a column about a politician’s past behavior. I was not surprised by the details. He’s been known to give money he didn’t have to charities and organizations he didn’t feel a need to support in the first place. He paid a campaign staffer $300 for a month of work. The campaign failed to report the payment. He was not paying a campaign staffer a single dollar during 2012. He had no problem using his power to influence legislation on the House floor for a bill he didn’t support. He was using his office to make it appear that he gave the bill his support, when his real motivation was to get the votes he needed in the Senate. He was a liar. A bully. A hypocrite who is unfit for the office he’s been sent to represent in the Colorado State Senate.

Let’s be honest. This man got rich by taking advantage of the system. And people who are rich know how to use the system like it’s their personal ATM. It’s no joke. People who are rich are more likely to get government subsidies, which are used to give them tax breaks. People who are more likely to get subsidies are more likely to use it to make donations. People who get donations from people who are rich are more likely to support their agenda. The more politicians like de León get donations from rich people, the more likely it is it will benefit their career. The more the donations there is, the more the public support for legislation they like from them.

De León should resign immediately. It’s clear that he doesn’t have the necessary moral compass to be a senator. He does not want to support the people of Colorado. He wants them to pay for his mistakes. He wants them to pay for the mistakes of his campaign staffers and his family’s campaign spending. He

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