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The Star: The People Who Helped to Save the World

The Star: The People Who Helped to Save the World

WATCH: ‘4 Days to Save the world’ was a reality show with big ambitions. See a preview of the Star’s investigation

4 Days to Save the world

As the world struggles to combat the worst economic crisis in decades, we caught up with some of those living the reality show.

When the world’s economy teeters on the brink of collapse, with countries across the globe losing millions of jobs, the Star looks for those who have been left behind. They are the people who, through the sacrifices of hope and hard work, have contributed to the survival of the human race.

To understand what that means, we are joined by investigative journalist John McManus and our own Chris Wood. We’re here at their 4 Days to Save the world headquarters in Leeds for a chance to get to know real people who are living through a cataclysm that has shaken the very nature of people’s lives.

In our first visit, as the Star goes on a tour at the headquarters, we meet those living in poverty across Wales, where the cost of housing, housing benefit and housing benefit cuts have been devastating.

They have been forced to move into small homes, or live in hotels and B&Bs where their children have to sleep on couches, or on the floor.

If you could afford to, you could live in a proper home

They don’t have money to pay their bills, or for food. They live in a state of desperation.

They are all desperate for a better life. But it’s a life that would be easier if their jobs were to return.

All we would like is that when the recession has passed and the economy becomes normal, their lives would be a bit easier.

When we went to the offices of the Welsh government, we were met by a man named Kevin. He works at a factory, as a machine operator. He is very worried, and a bit angry at the Welsh government’s policies.

‘I am unemployed but I still don’t know how I am going to survive’

That is because of the government’s policies.

Kevin lives in the factory in Flint, north Wales with his wife and three children.

He says: “I am unemployed but I don’t know how I am going to survive.

“My wife has been at work for

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