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The Salvation Army Toronto’s Superheroes to Mobilize Their Power to Support The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Toronto’s Superheroes to Mobilize Their Power to Support The Salvation Army

Toronto calls in the superheroes to help with vaccinating young children against COVID-19

Toronto, January 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On Wednesday, January 2, 2020, Toronto will mobilize its city-wide community effort to protect the health of vulnerable population groups. Mayor John Tory will call on the city’s superheroes to engage their City Hall colleagues in a unique and creative way through the City of Toronto’s Emergency Services Plan. In this first of many programs, superheroes will mobilize their powers to raise funds for The Salvation Army.

“I am incredibly proud that our City of Toronto is reaching out to our superheroes to support communities like The Salvation Army at a time when our society needs inspiration and support,” Mayor Tory said. “This program is an opportunity for us to activate our city’s superheroes and mobilize their creative energy to support the less fortunate.”

To raise money for The Salvation Army, the superheroes will wear superhero costumes as they assemble in their City Hall lobby, and participate in a number of fun and interactive events throughout the city. They will also gather money for The Salvation Army from the popular superhero movie “The Avengers.”

“This is an exciting program which allows us to take a step back in time and imagine how we could get involved in our community’s struggles in the past, present or future,” said Karen Gill, Program Manager, Hero Initiative for The Salvation Army Toronto. “We have a great team of superheroes looking to mobilize their creativity and power to support The Salvation Army.”

In order to engage the city’s superheroes in a meaningful way, there will be no official dress code.

“We know that superheroes exist. We know that superheroes can be creative and courageous,” said The Salvation Army Toronto. “We wanted to create an event that will engage The Salvation Army Toronto’s superheroes beyond simply their ability to perform super hero acts. It is our hope that the superheroes will use their physical

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