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The Eagles Should Be Embraced

The Eagles Should Be Embraced

Eagles’ Jason Kelce not a fan of quarterback rants: ‘Get the f— up out of my face!’

For Jason Kelce to not be all that excited about Eagles quarterback Nick Foles’ postgame show rant of last Sunday is the kind of thing we have all come to expect from the Philadelphia Eagles.

The offensive play of the game last week against the San Francisco 49ers was the Eagles’ first in a month, and after it ended, the fans booed the coach, the team and the entire offense. After that came the performance (and the performance alone) of the next three quarters, which amounted to a game of mistakes and a lack of heart.

The coach and the team were booed, and it came from people who really had the “grit” to not boo a player for doing something wrong.

I understand why the coach and the team were booed, and I know this is something that they have struggled with all season long. But the team has to play their young players, and sometimes, in the heat of the moment, players forget that they have to do their job.

This wasn’t a game of mistakes. There were mistakes made here and there. But Foles made the most of his last start (for the most part) by playing his “young” players and creating some really good throws to big receivers (such as DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin) who were unable to haul in all of the passes thrown to them.

That’s something to build off of and build on, I guess.

What Jason Kelce did Saturday didn’t make him feel like he was a victim, but he was, and he was the guy who was booed.

I wish that the players on the team would embrace what they have done in the recent weeks and that would allow for a better culture on the team. That attitude is going to be key for the Eagles, and that’s something Jason Kelce wants to remind them to embrace.

That said, while we may wish that a player would,

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