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The Best “Angie” Movies

The Best "Angie" Movies

Letters to the Editor: Angela Lansbury, the actress you really wanted to work with

The “Angie” movie is the film version of a Broadway play. It’s about a woman who has everything an American woman should have — a successful career, a high-powered job and a beautiful family — until she realizes that a man is sitting on the throne.

The story line isn’t that interesting and there’s no conflict or plot.

The actors aren’t that good, so let’s just say that the film is a major disappointment.

I have seen the play. It’s a good story and there’s a lot going on in it, but the film is the same kind of show put on Broadway without any production values. It doesn’t even have a script. There is a great story and I would suggest at least making a good cast recording.

I know there’s no conflict because it is too complicated.

One of my favorites is a recent movie called “A Time to Kill”.

It’s not a good movie (I don’t much like torture movies) but it is entertaining, with a good script and a wonderful cast.

The best of the bunch is “The Girl That Leapt Through Space” (1969).

It stars a great actress named Sharon Tate.

It tells a real story, and I am sure it was hard on her, but it has a happy ending.

She got on with her life after this film and was very happy.

I think you will have a more enjoyable time watching the “Angie” movie than I have.

Tom Fosse

Chapline, Mo.

The state’s plan to end discrimination against gays

I am outraged!

I have lived in Michigan (I know the state better than these people) for 15 years and was against discrimination against gays. I have always been against discrimination. They want to end this but not even a trial could prove that the ordinance is discriminatory. This ordinance would take away rights from me and my family. It is discriminatory. I am the only person in my family who is gay and therefore I would like to know what they have done to prove that this is not discriminatory.

It would be very difficult for me as a homosexual.

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