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The Battle Over Voter Suppression

The Battle Over Voter Suppression

Op-Ed: Get ready to wait for the midterm results

It has been seven long months after the midterms for the people and businesses to know our destiny. It will begin with a long wait.

The midterm elections will be this week and the results are very likely to be in our favor or against the Republicans in Congress for the first time since the creation of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

In the past, the GOP always had a very good shot at passage of a very unpopular bill in the house, but it always took votes on the bill for it to become law, and only then it could pass in the Senate. This is the first time under the new rules in the House that the Senate does not need to be on board and they can block any bill that they don’t like.

That means that every Republican in Congress has a chance at the presidency when the midterms take place this week. There is a very good chance that the House and Senate do not pass the Republican agenda — and the Republicans will then have to come back to try and pass the legislation, maybe by using the so-called reconciliation process.

All the Republicans in Congress will then have to go home and begin the fight over the final product that will become law. And the first order of business will be to create a permanent commission on the issue of voter suppression.

It is difficult to overstate how big the battle over voter suppression has become this year. For the first time in two decades, the GOP is back in the majority in the house, while the Democrats are in the minority.

Republicans have taken seats that were held by Democrats in the past. The Democrats have to find more voters and will have to rearm for another campaign.

The voters will have to stand up and vote with their feet and their wallets and we have to build a new party that reflects the interests of the people, and not just a special interest.

Voter suppression is a real issue. We have seen it in our cities and our counties. In states where Democrats have been the largest party for years in power, they see that voter suppression is on their way out and has become less

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