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Ricardo Castro, 33, allegedly grabbed woman after police chase in South Los Angeles

Ricardo Castro, 33, allegedly grabbed woman after police chase in South Los Angeles

Victim’s family demands state investigation of LAPD after pursuit-turned-carjacking

A man who robbed the woman he was driving after leaving a police chase last month was caught by officers after he allegedly grabbed a woman who was walking nearby. The man, an alleged gangster who authorities described as a career criminal, is being held without bail after being charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping and carjacking. The victim, identified in news reports as 32-year-old Michelle Fernandez, said she wanted to press charges against the man because she felt he was using her for his personal reasons.

Video shows police chase after man allegedly uses woman for his own benefit

Police were looking for the man because the vehicle he was driving was stolen, and he had run a red light in South Los Angeles, officials said. During the chase, the driver struck another vehicle, causing it to flip onto its roof, and then fled on foot. He was caught shortly before 3 a.m. The victim says she heard the man tell police he shot the driver.

The man is identified as Ricardo Castro, 33, a former member of the Baja California gang in Los Angeles. Police said he had an extensive criminal history, including eight convictions for robbery, four for auto theft, three for assault with a deadly weapon and one each for attempted murder, kidnapping and illegal use of a gun.

The incident began about 7:30 p.m. after police say the man was driving a red SUV when he and another man were being chased by police in a white Dodge Charger, which hit a curb during the chase. Castro allegedly refused to stop, so officers followed Castro and got him to stop. The officers got out of their car and began talking with him, and when they walked closer to him, the man allegedly grabbed a woman, causing the victim to run away.

The woman is identified as 32-year-old Michelle Fernandez, who was walking near her home about two blocks from the intersection of Crenshaw Boulevard and North Bijou Street on April 8th when she heard the impact. She said she ran back to her home, and as she got inside, she saw the man walking from the

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