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John Stamos ruled against DiGianco in a Houseboat Arson Case

John Stamos ruled against DiGianco in a Houseboat Arson Case

John Stamos speaks out about Lori Loughlin after Varsity Blues scandal: ‘She went to f—ing jail, man’

A couple of years ago, a few months after his family’s house, Varsity Blues, was burned down — and not in a fire, but through arson — John Stamos was called in as a guest judge to adjudicate a Varsity Blues houseboat arson case. According to court records, he ruled against the homeowner, Joseph DiGianco, by acquitting him of arson. Stamos told the New York Post that he did so because he felt the house was too big for the “homey” DiGianco to have successfully set fire to.

“I’ve been in this business nearly as long as I’ve been alive — the longest I have been alive. I’ve been through this whole thing about 20 times where we’ve lost money on a case or lost everything,” the former judge told the Post. “One time, we were doing a commercial — I’m from Miami. Anyway, a guy was suing him for $400,000 and I made a ruling that if he wants a divorce, the wife shall get what’s left. The husband’s lawyer says, ‘I don’t want to go anywhere. I want to take a chance.’ So I took the chance and we lost that case. So I told him if the wife gets what’s left, she’s gotta get her alimony reduced. He couldn’t figure that out, she’s got a young child — he’s got five or six kids. He didn’t want to lose that child.”

But when he was questioned about his decision in the DiGianco case, Stamos said he was just doing his job: “It wasn’t a political decision. I don’t want my decisions, in the courtroom and in my personal life

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