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Jan Perry is ready to step out of the shadows for a new job

Jan Perry is ready to step out of the shadows for a new job

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LOS ANGELES — One thing Los Angeles City Councilman Jan Perry has always been good at, and something many voters in his district said made them want to vote for him, is standing up for his community.

As Los Angeles City Council District 9’s representative, he put himself at the forefront of his district’s growing interest in issues such as affordable housing, homelessness and education reform. And, thanks to his hard work and a recent re-election bid that saw him re-elected with 68 percent of the vote, he’s ready to step out of the shadows for a new job — and has lined up endorsements from several of his colleagues.

But if the end of December’s election was a sign that one of the most visible politicians in Los Angeles is ready to take on a more visible role — and to put his name at the forefront of this city’s political conversation — that would be a welcome thing for the city’s progressive political scene.

Perry’s first order of business in office is to form a committee to draft a city-wide affordable housing policy — something he has worked on in committee over the past several months — and to introduce that bill on the city council floor.

“This is an enormous challenge,” Perry said, standing in front of council chambers on the eve of final votes. “I want to do right by the residents of City Council District 9.”

It’s something Perry has done before, but this time his efforts to build a housing commission have gotten the attention of progressive activists all over the city. He also has been endorsed by groups such as the League of Women Voters and the Service Employees International Union, who each sent him an open letter saying he would be a good ambassador for their causes. (The other candidates — including two Democrats — also received support from unions.)

Councilman José Huizar, who is not seeking re-election

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