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Donna Karan’s Los Angeles Fashion Week Show Was Like That Musical

Donna Karan's Los Angeles Fashion Week Show Was Like That Musical

Ralph Lauren Dreams in California Now

The “unfinished” (that was a word!) Los Angeles Fashion Week, which has become a little bit like a fashion party where the only rule is not to eat.

“What you’re doing is the fashion equivalent of having a good time on a beach in Malibu, which is not necessarily a good thing—it’s just where you want to be.” said Donna Karan, who is on a roll at the end of a nearly five-decade career with her latest venture, Ralph Lauren, Inc.

Karan, who lives in the $3 million Beverly Hills home that she bought in the early 1990s from her mother, actress Diahnne Abbott, has a lot to laugh about—the house that she and her husband, Peter Karan, share, along with an adorable 6-year-old daughter in a purple outfit, and their collection of 20th century European furniture.

For years, the designer had her business offices at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. “We’re always trying to find a more functional location.” Karan said. “To date, this is the only location in this city that would work.”

Although it’s often said that the designer was the first to embrace the Internet with online presales, Karan and company still have two people working from home in Canada. “That’s been the number-one lesson in building the company: When you have to hire someone, you get it done. When you have to subcontract, you get it done. That’s the lesson we’ve learned,” she said.

For Karan, the new location—and the big deal that comes in the offing—is Los Angeles Fashion Week.

“I’ve got a great time making a fashion show, which is so much fun,” Karan said. “The runway and everything is so exciting and challenging.”

Karan’s fashion show for the Los Angeles event was a bit like that “Sister Act” musical, but on a larger scale. And a lot of the time that she has the fun, she has the money.

“I’m just thrilled to be there. It’s one

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