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Brazil vs France: Neymar and the Brazilian team show their team spirit

Brazil vs France: Neymar and the Brazilian team show their team spirit

Banana thrown at Brazilian players in soccer friendly in Paris

The Paris Saint-Germain team arrived in the French capital on Tuesday with the hopes of avenging a 4-2 loss to the Brazilian side at the same stadium last weekend. However, the club’s French contingent made few inroads in the French capital.

With the exception of Brazilian keeper Thiago Silva, all the Brazilian players left for the airport with more than a few expletives in their mouths. Silva and team captain Ronaldo went back to their team hotel and received an extra day’s rest in case they were needed to play in the upcoming Olympic games in Brazil.

The Brazilian team left for Paris by way of the airport. Brazilian defender Pepe felt bad leaving Ronaldo behind, but when the Brazilian player turned to leave, he said to his teammates: “Come here, guys. We’re going to France.” Ronaldo replied: “What do we have to do? Show the team spirit? I just want to enjoy the moment.”

In the Brazil-France clash, Ronaldo and the Brazilian squad showed their own team spirit by celebrating with a dance choreographed by Gérson and an Indian dancer at the team hotel.

On their way to France, Neymar and the Brazilian team had a mini-conversation with French players in the team hotel. Neymar asked Brazilian midfielder Nenê how French players trained in France. The Brazilian midfielder smiled and said he had been there and met with some of the French stars.

The French players were not happy being told how much better French players trained and better they were than those from Brazil. The Brazilian players’ mood darkened when Neymar joined them in the room. Neymar said the Brazil team’s performance at the friendly had been the best since they took over the French team.

The Brazilian players then left for France on Wednesday morning. The team will meet again at the Estadio Zidane, in the city of Bordeaux, on Tuesday. The Brazilian team’s performance at the friendly showed the team spirit that the Brazilians have always demonstrated.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo has refused to be influenced by his

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